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Prince Charles – world’s renowned ‘magician’

The ‘levitation illusion’: The ‘levitation illusion’ was first performed in Greek dramas as early as 431 BC. 
Death on duty: At least 15 magicians have died from performing the famous bullet-catch illusion (including Chung Ling Soo).
Richest magician: David Copperfield is the highest paid magician, worth an estimated $800 million.
Famous ‘magician’: The famous member of the Magic Circle is Prince Charles. He joined the club in 1975 after performing the famous cups and balls trick for members.
Died on stage: The phrase ‘died on stage’ was taken to the extreme by Coulew of Lorraine in 1613, when he was clubbed to death by an angry audience member using one of his own props.   
Walk of fame: The only magicians to have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are Harry Houdini and David Copperfield.
Magical patriotism: During World War II, the magician Jasper Maskelyne hid the Suez Canal and Alexandria harbour from the Germans and helped the allied Forces with the war in Africa.
Birth of the movie industry: Magicians were very involved in the birth of the movie industry as exhibitors of films, performers and producers. Harry Houdini made several silent films and was the creator of many special effects. George Melies bought the Robert-Houdin Theatre and exhibited the first motion picture seen in Paris i.e. The Vanishing Lady (1896).
Prince Charles
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