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The rich, the famous and the corrupt sportsmen

The world’s highest-valued sport teams are soccer clubs. While eight of the world’s twelve highest paid sports teams are soccer clubs.  
Real Madrid: $3.26 billion is their total value
Barcelona: It is valued at a whopping $3.16 billion
Manchester United: Estimated to be worth $3.1 billion
New York Yankees: The baseball team is valued at $2.5 billion
Dallas Cowboys: At number five, the American football squad is valued at $2.13 billion
And now the accolades, goes to... 
$174 692: This sum is the average weekly pay package for players at Paris Saint-German football club
$79.6 million: The estimated personal wealth of the world’s highest-paid footballer, Ronaldo
$2.6 billion: FIFA profit from the 2014 world Cup in Brazil
$1.4 billion: The amount in FIFA’s emergency cash reserve fund
$150 million: The amount in bribes 14 senior FIFA officials are accused of taking over the past 20 years. – GQ and Online

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