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Pauper Wage: Sad, Sorry Life of a Zimbabwe Security Guard

They are custodians of expensive company properties, but their personal welfare coupled with a tumbling economy, has pushed many security guards to live in recreational parks to cut on transport costs.

The Zimbabwe Security Guards’ Union (Zisegu) said there are approximately 35 000 security guards throughout the country.

In a snap survey carried by the WeekendPost, most security guards said they are badly treated by their employers “Price of goods have gone up, the general cost of living is beyond the majority of us. How can you survive on $200 per month pay?

“It’s better for us better to sleep in the park and only go home when we are off duty,” said Takura Chivaka.
Security Guards in Zimbabwe 

Another security guard who lives in Epworth, who identified himself as Charles, said he is ?struggling to raise $20 for rentals as he has gone for months without salary.

“We are being treated like animals, it is very sad that we protect premises which are worth millions but at the end of the day, we do not have shelter to sleep,” Charles said.

“I spend the whole day sleeping in Africa Unity Square and in most cases I spend that whole day without eating anything.

“Things are very difficult for many security guards in the country but there is nothing we can do as you know that many companies are closing.”

Many security guards are unable to take care of their basic needs on the salaries they are paid. Zisegu secretary-general Philemon Nhema confirmed that most of the guards can’t afford bus fare as they are only getting $10 as their transport allowance.

“Many security guards are living in parks because their salaries are far much below the poverty datum line. They do not have enough money to cover transport.

“We are not happy with the conditions. Their employers seem to ignore the reality. Most of the security guards receive $214 basic salary, $10 for transport, $12 for housing which figures are far below the poverty datum line.

“We tried to engage employers but most of them don’t want to listen. We have 35 000 plus guards in the country.” Zisegu said many security companies were in serious breach of labour laws as they would go for months without paying their workers timely.

“We have been receiving many complaints from our members. The main issue they are complaining of is non-payment of wages and cash in lieu of leave and/or allowing them to go on vacation leave.

“We are so worried that some employees are going for some months without receiving their wages,” Nhema added. - The Weekend Post

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