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Internet Gossip: 7 Things You Normally Lie on Social Media

Let us be honest – we all lie on social media, be it about where we are, what we’re doing or who we’re hanging out with. So what are the most common things people lie about on the internet?

How we look
We all upload filtered photos of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re posting them on your own social network profile. But on a dating site, it’s unwise.

How much fun we’re having
You’re the only single at a party full of couples, and take a selfie captioned: Best night ever!even though you left at 8pm.
How Many Times Have You Lied on social Media? 

How many fans we have
We all have that one person on our Instagram feed pretending to have 100 followers – but nobody knows them.

Our age
Some people lie about their age because they don’t want to reveal personal information – and a lot of humans on the internet are psychos.

Your relationship status
Sometimes you’re not ready to claim the guy you’ve been hanging out with for months, so your status stays “single”.

How perfect our lives are
This has to be the most common lie told on social media. In reality many lives are chaotic, messy and lonely.

Our hobbies
Taking pictures of delicious food is quite popular with those who can’t cook. There are also those people who only go to gym to take mirror selfies and never to work out. - Daily Sun 

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