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Unpleasant Mold: How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Suddenly you’ve start noticing that after washing, your clothes getting unpleasant smell. The reason lies inside of rubber or compartment where the powder appeared black spots.

Need to know – this is a black mold fungus that causes various diseases in humans and animals. 

Very often this mold occurs in places where are create optimum conditions: high humidity and heat. 

The bathroom is the ideal place for the development of fungus spores that are easily transferable to the air and nest on different surfaces.
Washing Machine Cleaning 

To get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, do the following procedure:

  • liquid detergent (preferably to contain chlorine)
  • sponge
  • gloves
  • 25 grams lemon acid
  • First step in fighting mold is usually wiping with paper towel inside the washing machine to get rid of residual dust.
  • Then apply the cleaning agent on the rubber, on its entire surface.
  • Close the door and leave for two hours
  • After two hours, turn the machine on a program for rinsing.
  • Then in compartment for detergent put lemon acid and run the machine at the highest temperature.
After this your machine will be like new. Repeat if necessary after a month to finally get rid of the mold. And remember that preventive maintenance prolongs the shelf life of the machine. - Online Sources 

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