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Job Hunting: 6 Steps Every Graduate Must go Through

Not only do you only have your educational credentials to show, but based on that, you still have to sell yourself in your cover letter too.

Putting yourself out there and “selling yourself” to potential employers is ridiculously hard. 

And despite the fact that there’s a plethora of “how to” articles that cover everything from putting your CV together to writing a perfect cover letter, there’s no guarantee you’ll nail it.
Job Interview 

The awful application process
Some applications are almost as complicated as doing your tax. They require you to set up a profile, submit your CV, send a cover letter, do this, do that – maybe even offer a blood sacrifice!

The dreaded job interview
Then, of course, there’s the actual interview, which is pretty much like an X-Factor audition, except, you don’t have to sing.

You do still have to give the performance of a lifetime though, because not only do you need to impress your potential employer, you’re also competing against a myriad of other candidates.

The pain of waiting to hear back from the employers you’ve applied to While many job listings at least have the decency to put a notification up which tells you that you should consider your application unsuccessful if you haven’t heard from them after a certain amount of time, many don’t. 

This leaves you in a state of eternal wondering and self-doubt.

Going right back to the start 
But the one and absolute worst thing that every graduate could agree on, is being unsuccessful first time round and being forced to do it all over again. At least until you find that perfect job!

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